04/11 6:31
4月8日(月)午後2時~学校周辺でも日食(80%欠け)が観測されました。 日食シカゴ.jpg
今年も、2セットのひな人形を飾り付けていただきました。 ひな人形によせる思い、日本文化の素晴らしさを感じて欲しいです。 ボランティアの皆様には大変お世話になりました。
  We're happy to share that our Sumire friends are now regular visitors to our English library! It's great to see more people enjoying English books together. Some read with friends before class, others borrow books they like.   We recently had fun with the Hiyoko class, solving puzzles and reading picture books. It's not just about reading - it's about having fun together!   Our library isn't just for books; it's a place to relax, meet others, and learn. We hope everyone keeps enjoying it!"